Wise Earthworks Inc is a family owned and operated excavation company, in Middle Tennessee, that is strongly inspired by Permaculture concepts and practices.

As of 2020 our services are completely devoted to the design, creation, and maintenance of Camp Chet


Robert Freeman

Robert is one of those guys that wants to know everything about everything. His two favorite quotes are:
"Jack of all trades, master of one" ~ Benjamin Franklin (often misquoted)
"What one man can do, another can do" ~ Sir Anthony Hopkins in The Edge

He loves learning and has a wide variety of interests. In college, his studies included a double major in Computer Science and Music with a substantial side road into Construction Technology and a minor one into Electrical Engineering.

His passion for nature and architecture nearly drove him down a different path but he settled into a long and successful career in Computer Programming that eventually led to his own Web Development company.

Off-prime full time IT work allowed for school and part time jobs during the day. Photoshop classes led to part time graphic design for TV Guide. Construction classes led to part time framing custom steel homes. As a lifelong drummer, music was always a priority that was scheduled around.

Old unsatisfied passions never die however, and eventually his love of nature, land, and an intense desire to be as self-sustaining as possible drew him into earthworks and Permaculture. Earthworks is the perfect marriage of the analytical and creative skills that Robert loves.

He can't think of a more satisfying day than leveling a cabin pad for 10 hours and gazing at it from a hammock that evening.

Ruth Freeman

Ruth is a dichotomy in her own right.

She is a proven exceptional business woman that is as comfortable running a tech dependent company as she is pulling weeds barefoot in a garden (though she prefers the latter).

Ruth has raised her own cattle and too many other animals to keep record of.

She has lived overseas, as well as in several states, and values travel and exploration as her favorite pastime. In all the places, she has lived and seen, Israel and Tennessee rank highest.

Ruth values no other personal possession greater than land. To her, Heaven on Earth is a life spent managing land, its resources, and animals and then to pass on to her children a well-established self-supporting Homestead.

Wise Earthworks Purpose

The heartbeat of Wise Earthworks Inc is a deep desire to learn how to fulfill Adam and Eve's original purpose and then to help others accomplish the same.

We believe if you must make a child go outside to play then you probably have neglected your duties of making it an inviting place for creative and exploring minds. Admitting that a fenced in square spot of grass is pretty boring is the first step to rehabilitation. The next step is doing something to change it.

We can help!

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